What is At Home in College?

At Home in College is a Robin Hood funded college access, transition and success program that works with over 2000 high school seniors from 60 New York City public high schools and 100 students from CUNY GED programs.  The immediate goal of the project is to increase the college enrollment and retention rates of these students, and ultimately, their college graduation rates.

What does At Home offer to students that participate?

At Home offers each participating high school and GED student:

  • Transition math and English courses intended to prepare students for the CUNY Assessment Tests and success in college credit course
  • Fee waivers for the CUNY application
  • College access activities, including help with completing on-line college applications, filing for financial aid, college visits, learning about different careers and programs of study, and enrolling in college
  • A Bridge to College summer program to assist graduating seniors with college matriculation
  • Advisement and other assistance during the first year of college if participating students enroll in a partnering CUNY community college
Who are the students in At Home?

We are currently partnering with 60 high schools in all five boroughs.  For more information, please contact us.

If you have any questions about the At Home in College program at your school, please contact your college counselor. You can also contact the At Home in College staff directly:

Theresa Yuan, Director
(718) 254-7179

Amy Perlow, Assistant Director
(718) 254-7253