College Access

What is LINCT to Success?

LINCT to Success (nee “At Home in College”) is a Robin Hood funded college access, transition, and success program that works with over 1,400 high school seniors from almost forty New York City public high schools and students from CUNY GED programs. The immediate goal of the project is to increase the college enrollment and retention rates of these students, and ultimately, their college graduation rates.

How can a high school become a LINCT to Success Partner?

Currently, LINCT to Success has closed enrollment to high schools for the 2015-2016 academic year.

If you are interested in becoming a LINCT high school partner, please take a look at our “College Access/The LINCT High School Experience” page for more information about program benefits.  Email the Program Director in April 2016 to inquire about next year’s partnerships.

What are the advantages to a student to being enrolled in LINCT?

LINCT to Success students enrolled in the LINCT ELA and math transition courses and the College & Career Success workshops have the opportunity to improve their academic literacy and numeracy skills and increase their college readiness, thereby reducing the need for remediation once they arrive at college.  Eligible LINCT students receive a variety of benefits, including the ability to take the CUNY Assessment exam twice during their senior year and to receive the LINCT Scholarship which pays for the $65 CUNY application fee.  See the “The LINCT High School Experience” for more information.

Does a student get college credit for enrollment in LINCT to Success?

LINCT to Success is not a dual-enrollment program.  Students do not receive college credit.

Do students need to take this course(s) if they are not planning on attending CUNY?

Even if a student is not planning on applying to or attending CUNY, enrollment in the anchor ELA pre-college course and its accompanying College & Career Success workshops provide students a unique opportunity to learn about themselves, their communities and to better assess their role and purpose in society in the context of college & career goals.  Increased literacy, numeracy, critical thinking skills and executive management skills provide a foundation for success in life, wherever your path takes you.

What if I already applied to CUNY and paid the application fee? Can the LINCT program reimburse me?

If you are an eligible LINCT student, work with your counselor or college advisor on your CUNY application.  He or she will submit your application information to the LINCT team to process your LINCT scholarship. Students do not have to pay for their CUNY application.  If they do, they will not be reimbursed by their school or by LINCT.

College Transition

What are the requirements for becoming a Bridge to College Coach or College Advocates?

Bridge to College Coaches are generally second year or beyond college students who are available to work with graduating high school seniors from the spring until the end of summer.  College Advocates are generally upperclassmen who have had previous experience working as a College Coach.  You can apply regardless of where you are enrolled in college, as long as you plan on being in the New York metropolitan area during the program duration.

How does one become a Bridge to College Coach?

Each year, the LINCT to Success College Transition Coordinator begins the selection process for Hub Supervisors, College Advocates and College Coaches in the winter.  Check back on the “College Transition” page for more information starting in November.

College Success

How does one become a CBO partner to Strive for Success?

We have closed our partner enrollment for CBOs for the 2015-2016 academic y ear.

NYC CBOs with college access programs interested in becoming a Strive for Success partner should contact the the Success Coordinator.  To be eligible, prospective CBOs must have at least ten incoming freshman matriculating at a target Strive for Success campus.

College & Career Success

Which college & career skills are taught in the LINCT to Success model?

Through our ELA pre-college psychology and sociology transition courses, the LINCT and Strive for Success “College & Career Success” curricula and workshops, respectively, LINCT to Success builds habits, attitudes and skills in self-assessment, self-advocacy, self-regulation and self-expression.

How do alternative post-secondary paths fit into the LINCT to Success model?

CUNY has been and continues to be a vital part of  NYC’s Career Pathways initiative.  This model allows for students of all educational backgrounds and ages to enter and exit and re-enter the traditional college pathway.  LINCT to Success believes that post-secondary education and degree attainment is a critical factor in creating financial freedom, stability and ultimately, personal success and satisfaction.

The question is not “if,” but when and how a LINCT student matriculates in college is determined by the personal circumstances and needs of each individual student.

If you have any questions about how to become a LINCT to Success high school or CBO partner you can contact:

Nicole S. Simon, Ed.D., Director
(718) 254-7747